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Buzzword Of The Week: Day Offices

Day Offices: Day offices are fully-furnished private offices, typically in coworking spaces or serviced office spaces, that can be rented on a day-by-day basis.

Day offices are nothing new in the flexible workspace market. Global operators like Regus have been offering day office packages for years now, giving businesses and solopreneurs the flexibility to work out of a fully-furnished space on-demand, whenever they need it. What distinguishes day offices from day passes—which are popular offers in coworking spaces—is that a day office is a private, fully-equipped space, not just a free desk in an open seating area. Some packages may also come with a dedicated phone line.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, demand for day offices has increased, as businesses hedge against economic uncertainty by taking up “space-as-a-service” as and when they need it. The worldwide experiment of remote work has also yielded mixed results, with some professionals valuing the flexibility and convenience of being able to connect with colleagues over Zoom from home. Day offices in flexible workspace locations near home or near clients offer a conducive, professional working environment, without the hassle or a long-term commitment. Read more about factors you should consider when finding workspace in this COVID-19 “interim normal”.

What are the main benefits of “day offices”?

Flexibility: Day offices can often be found in various locations throughout a city, not limited to the central business district. This is especially useful for client-facing roles like sales and business development that require mobility. Have several meetings downtown for the day? Book a day office nearby to easily work and prepare for meetings.

Productivity: especially in Asia, where homes are relatively compact and with multi-generational families, working from home can leave employees prone to distractions. These offices are designed for productivity, with private interiors, professional furnishings, and all-inclusive to business facilities like meeting rooms.

Affordability: as we approach a global recession, many businesses are keen on minimizing their overhead expenses with agile real estate solutions. With on-demand offices, you only pay for as much as you need, providing a much more cost-effective solution than a long-term office commitment. Perfect for businesses that don’t need an office space every single day of the week!

Who should consider booking a day office?

Day offices are traditionally ideal for freelancers, solopreneurs and small startups, whose work can vary greatly on a day-to-day basis, meaning that an office may not be necessary 5 days a week. Professionals who travel frequently can also take up day offices in different countries.

With the current trend towards more work flexibility, enterprises and small businesses can reap the benefits of on-demand offices as well. Instead of having an entire team report to the HQ, businesses can split their teams up by role or function. Sales or business development departments, for example, can choose to take up day offices whenever they have to meet certain clients in the area or run errands at home. Not only does this setup take off pressure from the HQ, it also prioritizes convenience and minimizes the need for transport.

Where can I find day offices?

In prime cities like Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Manila, there are many options for day offices in various locations, from central business districts to fringe areas. With GorillaSpace, businesses and their employees can work from anywhere, anytime to get the ultimate flexibility.

For just one single monthly payment, companies can book on-demand offices at any location, with no usage limitations. Found one location near home that you know you’ll always go back to? You can continue booking that space for as many days as you want.

This solution is also ideal for businesses who expect to use different office locations from day-to-day. For example, sales teams who need to meet with clients across the city on different days can take up on-demand day offices in convenient locations. There’s no need to be tied down to just one space—multiple flexible workspaces can be bundled in one customised package.

Looking for day office recommendations? Find the right workspace package with the help of our Space Experts. Schedule a call with us now to walk through your requirements, and we’ll put together a personalised package for you. You can also get in touch with us at or +65 8817 9170.

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