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Compliments for Colleagues: Make Your Office Smile!

Do you go out of your way to say nice things about your colleagues? For most, it’s a no. Work and its inevitable stress often strays focus to me, my business, my tasks, my strengths. This is normal, but despite how busy we may be in everyday life, we are constantly given opportunities to either put down or build up our colleagues. So, don’t stress about finding the perfect holiday gifts for your coworkers, because we’ve already found one: compliments for colleagues.

Being the complimentary colleague will help you rise above the clutter and stress.

Jane Dutton and Julia Lee elaborate on the benefits of saying nice things about colleagues in the Harvard Business Review. The main benefit is a boost of morale and self-esteem within the office which positively affects levels of productivity as well. We think a subtle personal benefit — complementing a colleague shows how you’re attentive, observant, and kind.

The writers elaborate on four opportunities to do or say nice things:

Compliments for Colleagues Create Positive First Impressions

As we have been taught all our lives, first impressions matter! So it shouldn’t surprise you that a positive first impression is a great way to introduce a colleague. For example: introducing a new hire to the company, or a new colleague who is joining a project team. Adopt a warm, inviting and friendly tone when introducing the new person.

Communicate The Value That Each Colleague Brings To The Table

Teams are bound for a smooth journey together when information is shared effectively. Sharing personal stories about one another is a great way to demonstrate your colleague’s unique strengths and contributions that are brought to the team.

Compliment Your Colleagues If They Are Socially Undermined

Try to think back to a time when you were interrupted, ignored, or silenced (intentionally or unintentionally). How did you feel? Did you wish you or someone had said something? When someone in your team is being put down or interrupted, you have the opportunity (and the responsibility) to build them up. You could repeat the person’s point and bring the focus back to the idea raised.

Use Endings And Exits To Craft A Positive Portrait Of Colleagues

People retire and leave for other jobs. Sometimes, people get laid off. You can use this exit to add or create meaning for someone. This HBR article provides an example of some colleagues putting together a “memory box” filled with photos, notes, and memories of their time working together.

Saying “thank you” and acknowledging a person’s contribution to the company makes the person feel appreciated. It also means that the departing colleague could become an evangeliser outside for your company. And perhaps someday, they may rejoin the company with more experiences and knowledge.

As we draw to a year’s end, take stock of your colleague’s contributions. The GorillaSpace team challenges you to give out one compliment today. Not only will we uplift one other person, we also lift ourselves up by making a positive impact!

If you’re a team manager reading this article and looking to make a more public compliment to your team, you can find appropriate boardrooms and event spaces on GorillaSpace.

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