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How To Find The Perfect Serviced Office Space

A serviced office space is a type of workspace that is fully furnished and operated by a facility management company. It is one of the most popular workspace options in Singapore, and for very good reasons too! If you are new to the concept of serviced offices, it may be helpful to read our earlier articles “Everything You Need to Know About Serviced Offices” and “Top Reasons to Consider A Serviced Office.” These articles would give you a good head start on serviced offices.

Once you have learned everything you have to know about serviced offices, this article would give you a clearer direction on how exactly you can find the perfect serviced office for you and your team.

Getting Started

With numerous serviced office options in Singapore spread all across the island, it can be pretty daunting to begin your search due to the sheer number of options available. As with any seemingly huge task, it’s best to start out by breaking things down into manageable pieces.

We believe the best way to start is to first comprehensively assess your business needs: the desired location, size of workspace, facilities and general amenities you require.

Location, Location, Location

It’s undoubtedly one of the most important factors you have to consider while choosing your serviced office space. You may want to first identify the exact district in which you want to be located. Some companies determine location based on where existing and potential clients are located. Locating your business closer to your clients and potentials would save a lot of time and money. It may even create more opportunities for face-to-face interaction with your clients, hence improving your business relationship with them.

You would find the bulk of serviced offices in the Downtown area. However, apart from the Central Business District, you also have incredible options for offices at Changi Business Park and in the general Tampines area – don’t be afraid to cast your net a little further when exploring your options.

In addition to choosing the general district or location of your desired office, it is also important to consider the specific building of choice. This is especially important for small- to medium-sized businesses that seek to strongly establish themselves on the market. Having an office in a prestigious premium Grade-A building at a prime location may be important for your company’s public image. One Raffles Quay, Duo Tower, Marina Bay Financial Centre, UOB Tower – these are all absolutely solid districts (or buildings) for you to establish your business.

Consider the availability of nearby public transportation and additional amenities. Food options are also important too! Although it may sound rather insignificant at first, these small inconveniences are the ones that are going to build up over time. So make sure you do not end up choosing a space that you have to slog to every morning.

Visiting Process

While pictures communicate a thousand words, we encourage you to still head down to your shortlisted options. We advise you to take time out to book a visit and test the space. All our serviced offices space partners will give you a personalised tour.

A good time for the physical visit would be in the earlier half of the day. It generally shows the ebb of foot traffic. Make sure you have the opportunity to check every aspect of the space. You should ask to test all the electrical plug outlets, light switches, and be familiar with their air conditioning system. Keep an eye out for the cleanliness of the washrooms and even smaller details such as what is provided in the pantry.

Good Lighting

One aspect that is sometimes overlooked is the availability of natural light in the office. All modern serviced office spaces have more than sufficiently good lighting, but plenty of health and productivity research has shown that natural sunlight still beats any form of artificial light. Bearing that in mind, do negotiate with the space operator for windowed offices or office space that has sufficient sunlight.

During the visit, also check how the artificial lights are set up. Considering that long working hours are becoming the new norm for many businesses, you do not want to strain your eyes working under a dim light or very bright light either.

Comfortable Chairs

Sitting is considered the new smoking. We are spending much more time at our desks, and that may affect our health negatively. You might, therefore, want to consider making sure that the chairs provided by the operator in these serviced offices are comfortable enough for daily use. Ergonomic chairs with adjustable elements are becoming more and more commonplace, and many serviced offices provide good seating options. At the end of the day, your posture and comfort will determine the level of productivity and well-being. Nobody wants to spend an entire day sitting on an uncomfortable chair!

Don’t Neglect The Smaller Details

Of course, when choosing a serviced office space, or any type of workspace for that matter, the amenities and facilities in the space play important roles. Much like coworking spaces, serviced offices in Singapore comes in various shapes and sizes, and they provide different types of amenities. Consider your company’s needs. Do you really need constant access to meeting rooms or are you more comfortable with a pay-per-access option? Do you need a breakout area for your team?

Assess the corporate resources you require and communicate your expectations clearly to the chosen serviced office operators. If you expect your team to change or grow in the near future, find out how flexible your operator is in adapting the lease. How easy will it be for you to move to a different office within the same serviced office? With so many different serviced offices available in Singapore, it is almost a guarantee that you would be able to find something that suits your needs.

Hi Neighbour!

During your visit, if you’re able, ask one of the companies that is already a tenant to get some feedback on the serviced office itself.

Also from the tenant’s directory, find out what kind of companies are presently occupying the building. It will be helpful to have a gauge of what kind of businesses operate in your vicinity as this may open up opportunities for collaboration in the long run.

Snag The Deal

During the visit, we also encourage you to extensively discuss the rental fee. Find out what the lease actually covers. Clarify all possible additional or hidden charges. Do not hesitate to negotiate for even better deals with the operators. Serviced offices generally would give you a better deal if you sign a longer lease. Choosing a new office for your team is an investment in money and affects team dynamics. To get the best results, remember to compare 2-3 available serviced offices by experiencing every one of each to make an informed decision.

Final Thoughts

GorillaSpace has more than 200 verified office spaces across Singapore. Our team has personally verified all the spaces that are listed on the GorillaSpace platform, which means that the information you obtain from our platform is guaranteed to be accurate. Compare the different serviced offices and also indulge in immersive HD 360 panoramas and videos to get the real feel of the space on GorillaSpace. Need some help in deciding on that perfect space? Get in touch with our space experts at+65 8817 9170 or support@gorillaspace.co.

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