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Why Is Coworking So Popular? It’s More Than Just A Buzzword

A coworking space, also commonly known as a co sharing space or co-working space, is home to a style of work that involves a shared office space. People who work in coworking spaces are not employed by the same organization. They work alongside one another in hot desks, permanent desks, or private offices. A coworking space includes shared amenities and services, such as a reception and break-out spaces. Coworking spaces generally organize networking events, community lunches, and social Fridays. You might have heard about coworkiing already, and it’s gaining plenty of traction in this side of the world. But why is coworking so popular in the first place? Is it just a buzzword? Read on to understand the ins and outs of this rising workspace trend.

Is A Coworking Space For You?

You may find our article “Top 6 Benefits of Coworking Space You Probably Don’t Know About” helpful in determining if coworking is for you. Although it does have countless benefits, coworking isn’t for everyone. If it is the type of workspace for you, however, it could truly be a goldmine. Coworking is for those who love action, creativity, and an overall lively work environment. Another perk of coworking — it has morphed to suit solopreneurs, SMEs, and even corporates! Many companies in their very early stages, for example, greatly benefit from working in a coworking space. They have a community of great resources surrounding them. Not to mention that other coworkers are likely on a similar journey. Corporates with smaller teams out in Asia like coworking spaces for the shared amenities and additional activities that promote well-being. Additionally, most coworking spaces come with a community manager, someone who runs the space and facilitates introductions with other coworkers. In a nutshell, coworking is great for those eager to immerse themselves in a vibrant community to expand both their personal and professional networks.

What’s In It For You?

One of the main reasons people choose coworking rather than working from home or a coffee shop is the community it provides. Within a communal workspace, there are many opportunities to branch out and network with the group of great minds surrounding you.

Coworking spaces usually have a directory of people who are working there. If there’s someone you’d like to meet or do business with, you can find them here and plan to make an introduction. If you need a developer, a content writer, or a graphic designer, they may be sitting just a couple desks down from you, and, more often than not, they are more than willing to help! Take advantage of these opportunities in your close proximity. In addition, community managers are also your go-to people. If you need anything, you can tell them, and they will do whatever they can to make it happen. They will also prove to be essential when it comes to introductions and meeting potential business partners and clients.

Another huge perk of the coworking community is the different events that are offered to members. The frequency of events will vary from space to space. Having easy access to these interesting events is perfect for expanding your experience and network!

Although coworking does offer members a community, socializing isn’t compulsory. People are not forced into social situations. Rather, coworkers can choose when and how they would like to network with other people. If someone is in the mood to have a chat, for instance, they can easily do so in the pantry or cafe. On the other hand, if someone needs quiet, head-down time, they can work from a breakout space, away from other people. It’s all about what YOU want from the space.

Coworking offers users flexibility. Coworking, as a concept, was set up to understand that businesses may look very different every six months, particularly in their very early stages. That’s why most coworking spaces offer more flexible leases, such as three/six/nine/twelve-month leases, compared to long-term spaces. This gives you and your business the option to seek out other office space as necessary. Additionally, many coworking spaces allow you to grow within the space. This means that they may be accommodating when your team grows larger or reduces by offering you the appropriate space. TIP: When signing a lease, ask for a “no penalty” consideration with a notice period, should you scale up or down.

Another way coworking offers users flexibility is through its various office types: hotdesking, permanent desks, and private offices. Private offices within coworking spaces vary in terms of how many people they can hold. Most coworking spaces provide four-person private offices. Some spaces, however, can hold up to twelve people within a single private office.

Coworking spaces have a much greater sense of personality compared to the old, tired feel of cubicle-style corporates. Coworking spaces offer a more lively, creative physical environment. Each coworking space itself has its own unique personality based on the space design. Some coworking spaces aim to create a sustainable, environmentally friendly workspace, dawning plants and greenery around the office. Others are set on curating the most high-tech, Millennial-style space possible, with LED walls and arcade games around the workspace.

Shared Facilities
A coworking space offers the luxury of shared facilities that may otherwise be price-wise out of reach, such as meeting rooms, printing equipment, as well as pool and gym facilities. Members are able to cut their costs due to their access to these amenities.

The cost of renting coworking spaces in Singapore varies depending on the space and the product you’re looking for. Hot desks, for instance, are less expensive than permanent desks, which are less expensive than private rooms. Please get in contact with a GorillaSpace space expert to explore further questions regarding the asking price.

What To Look For

Although coworking is considered a flexible workspace, joining one is still a big commitment. You should be sure to take the proper precautions when deciding which space is right for you. Here are the five general things to look out for when joining a coworking space: (1) Separation of spaces for quiet work, collaborative brainstorming, and meetings, (2) Coworking community, (3) Workplace design, (4) Location, and (5) Flexibility to scale up/scale down. There are, however, more specific aspects that one should look for when joining a space. Some people, for instance, need 24/7 access to their office, while others require specific food and beverage options in walking distance from the coworking space. Know the little things that you specifically need to thrive in your workspace environment.

Final Thoughts

Coworking is something we hear about a lot… and for good reason. Gone are the days of dull offices and gray cubicles. Coworking and flexible workspaces are here to stay. We encourage you to browse through our different coworking spaces in Singapore. Please feel free to filter the options by entering the square footage or the number of employees you require. Use the “View All Amenities” option to pick and choose the features you desire. Then, our platform filters the outliers, leaving only the perfect spaces for you. On the listing previews, we display the need-to-know information, such as the asking price per month. Find a space you love? Pressing the heart in the top corner of the listing preview will add that space to a favourites list. From the search page, click on the listing to browse in more depth and book.

Our coworking page lists all you need to know when it comes to coworking spaces, flexible workspaces, and shared office spaces in Singapore. At GorillaSpace, we pride ourselves on working out of each space, including the more well-known, international operators, such as WeWork, UCommune, and The Work Project. All the flexible workspaces listed on GorillaSpace have been personally verified by our team of space/industry experts. What does this mean for you? We provide accurate information about the space. We’re able to give you a deeper understanding of the flexible workspace and what it offers its members.

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