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We are dedicated to helping businesses succeed. You can use GorillaSpace and all the tools and resources when you need, as often as you need.

GorillaSpace ensures you get the same good rate with all our space providers and listings. Sometimes – you even get more discounts because you came through GorillaSpace.

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Instant Information

Our users love how easy and fast it is to request for quote to find and book a meeting room , training or workshop space or event space for company functions.

Users can experience the spaces with videos, 360 panoramas and photos.

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We understand how hard it is to find workspace among many options. Our search algorithm helps you find & match spaces catered to your business. Create multiple shortlists for different needs.

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Rent a hot desk, permanent desk or private office by the day/ month/ quarter.


Serviced offices

Rent a private space or office by the day/ month/ quarter/ year.


Surplus space

Rent the extra space of a company by the month/ quarter/ year


Long term

A private event space by the half-day/ month


Meeting rooms

Meeting rooms, training and workshop spaces by the hour/ half-day/ day


Training rooms

A private event space by the half-day/ month


Event spaces

A private event space by the half-day/ day

Who Uses GorillaSpace?

Our clients range from big brands to small businesses and independent professionals.