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4 Crucial Benefits Of Regional Serviced Office Providers

When we hear or think of the phrase “serviced office”, images of high-rise buildings with private offices spinning off long stretches of hallway come to mind – often with a reception in the lobby. However, much like coworking and long-term office spaces, there are different types of workspace under the umbrella category of serviced offices. If you are new to serviced office providers, you should our guide on everything you need to know about renting a serviced office, and the top reasons to consider a serviced office for rent.

Today we are interested in one particular type: regional serviced office providers. These are brands operating under international serviced office management companies with global reach. So why choose an international serviced office operator over other types of workspace? Of course, it all depends on your company’s specific needs, but if these specific benefits are ones that are especially attractive to your company, a regional serviced office may just be the perfect workspace for your business.

Regional access to serviced offices by the same provider

Arguably the single biggest draw of working in a regional serviced office is the ease of access to various offices around the region. The brands that operate these spaces have a strong presence in the Asia and Pacific region. These operators have also strategically developed their offices in all prime locations in all major cities in the Southeast Asian region, from India to Singapore and Sydney. What it means for you as a tenant is that when you lease an office space in a regional serviced office, you would also get easy access to various other offices or lounges of the brand across the entire region.

When you sign up as a tenant, some regional serviced office providers also give you pre-paid credits that you can use to access any of its offices across the region for a pre-determined number of hours, days, weeks or months.

If you are a company that needs more mobility and geographical flexibility, picking your next office space within a regional serviced office network would be a good idea.

World-class support from a global brand

Many different workspaces claim that they provide what is considered world-class support for your business – most often in the form of technical or administrative support. Regional serviced offices take this claim to a whole new level. Most operators provide standardised support and office infrastructure for every location. This means that regardless of where your company is based in the region or world, you are guaranteed to have the same level of support with the same chain. This is especially attractive when your business requires some or frequent travel. Having the guarantee that you are provided with the same level of plug-and-play service in new cities you may not be familiar with definitely gives you assurance for your business travels.

Most serviced offices are equipped with state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, which ranges from incredibly stable and fast business grade internet connectivity to high-security keyless systems. Some even provide dedicated cybersecurity support and an in-house Internet Service Provider (ISP). The most important bit: these services are not limited to a single location or where you are physically based in. If you decide to offshore or move parts of your company overseas, choosing the same serviced office operator guarantees you the same level of connectivity and support.

More opportunities for networking and collaboration

In addition to the benefits for a regional network, many serviced office operators – riding the trend of coworking spaces – actively promote collaboration and networking among their members. Many of these operators have strong member-centric policies. Serviced operators sometimes hold monthly networking events, social events, and even annual retreats to encourage business connections.

Corporate image by association

Due to the massive amount of capital regional serviced office operators possess, they can afford to establish serviced offices in some of the best business locations here in the world. In Singapore, most regional serviced offices can be found in the CBD area, usually at highly prestigious business addresses and Grade “A” buildings. Establishing your business in prime locations can boost your company’s branding and image.

Simply being situated in the same building as JP Morgan or Verizon can add weight to your company’s public image. Many regional serviced offices are usually situated in the most prime locations. This is particularly attractive for small- and medium-sized companies who seek to strongly establish themselves in the market.

Final thoughts

There are numerous workspace options from which we can choose from. If having a regional footprint and assured services are especially important for your company, choosing a regional serviced office operator may be the best choice for your business.

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