5 Types of Coworking Spaces For Your Business

Coworking is the new buzz word in work spaces. And more and more types of coworking spaces are mushrooming each month. Coworking as it is known today started with a concept by Brad Neuberg in 2005. Technology facilitated new gatherings and a meeting of the mind. A shared working environment became very attractive to work-at-home professionals, independent contractors and freelancers. At “Coworking”, everyone worked independently. They shared similar values and were also interested in the synergy and potential business opportunities they co-create when working alongside each other. Coworking became the solution to the problem of isolation, loneliness, and distractions that freelancers often experience when working at home.

Today, coworking is thriving in many shapes and forms. Here are 5 types of coworking spaces you can find in Singapore:

1. “Traditional” Coworking 

To these spaces, coworking is not only about the physical space but about establishing the community first. They select and choose businesses that would thrive together, have synergy and ability to grow together. Their aim is to be the support that your business will need to survive and grow.

As one of the progenitors of the coworking trend, WeWork in Singapore is a prime example of a coworking space committed to enriching opportunities for its members. Across multiple locations, members get access to a number of regular events, learning sessions, and panels led by the likes of LinkedIn and Saleswhale.

Breakout spaces at WeWork's coworking location at Suntec City, one of the classic types of coworking spaces

Breakout space @ WeWork Suntec City

2. “Lifestyle” Coworking 

These types of coworking spaces take a holistic approach to work. Work-life balance is integrated into the workspace. They place much emphasis in the furniture, lighting, and decor. Membership to “lifestyle” coworking entitles you to the perks that could include classes, events and even discounts at restaurants, gyms, and travel.

ClubCo integrates food and drinks options into its co-working memberships.

The Hive on New Bridge Road has a cafe and rooftop on premise for yoga lessons. They organise ski vacations and other holidays.

3. “Specialization” Coworking 

Coworking with a specialization brings together companies from the same industries to create a greenhouse for ideas and business opportunities. Working together in similar fields, companies are able to share ideas quickly and form partnerships and evangelise each other’s products or differentiate. These types of coworking spaces are able to inform and inspire the community with topics that are relevant to them.

The Work Project on the 12th floor of Capital Tower (formerly known as Collective Works) attracts many consultants and small businesses in tech and management.

LEVEL3 works best for companies in the FMCG industries and can gain much synergy from Unilever’s group of companies.

The Co Duxton is great for entrepreneur journeymen (and women) who already run multiple small businesses.

Trehaus is a good solution for working parents as childcare is attached. Includes a nursing room and many children-related talks and get-togethers.

Workcentral is attractive to training professionals and writers.

A small tent and a beanbag next to a desk at Trehaus, a type of coworking space for working mothers equipped with child-friendly amenities and furnishings

Childcare area @ Trehaus

4. “Professional” Coworking 

Professional coworking spaces are best for companies that need a more “corporate” look for receiving clients and prospects at their offices. The workspace design is especially organised for head-down work. Most of them have ergonomic furniture and good lighting. The reception is neat and tidy. The welcome committee are friendly and professional. The pantry is well-stocked with coffee, tea, and snacks. You are never short of plush couches, quiet nooks for discussions and well-designed meeting rooms for productive discussions and meetings.

The Work Project at Capital Tower has many well-designed sections for different types of work during the day. Members have complimentary access to all 4-pax meeting rooms.

A boardroom at The Work Project's professional coworking space at Capital Tower, with a long conference table, chairs, a TV screen and large windows

Professional meeting rooms @ The Work Project at Capital Tower

5. “Everybody” Coworking 

These coworking spaces are designed to be as open, inclusive and collaborative. The spaces are carved out with hot desks, permanent desks and private rooms to cater to all types of businesses.

JustCo 6 Raffles Quay, Robinson and UIC have “work hard, play hard” feel. They cater from the freelancer to the small team of 3-4 persons to the larger companies of 25 employees.

There are 5 different floors at SPACES for businesses to choose from. Chit-chat on the ground floor at the pantry, or hotdesk on the first floor and for more privacy, work in sound-proof offices on the fourth floor.

WorkLor in Chinatown is also a good place to plop down to work with minimal distractions for entrepreneurs and small businesses.

People working on their laptops in a hotdesking area operated by Worklor, a coworking space with wooden tables and colourful walls

Hotdesking area @ Worklor at Chinatown

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