The Best Ways to Physically “Test” a Coworking Space

You’ve just visited a coworking space and you’re wow-ed as soon as you walk into the door. This is where you get excited and energised – you want to call this space home. The art that hangs on the walls, the office floor plan and the additional perks you might get – an onsite gym, a lounge area, or even a nap room maybe. While these features might add to the hip factor, how do you get actual work done here? In an ultra-cool coworking space, it can be easy to get so wowed by the look and feel that you forget about the functionality and physical comforts.

Pool tables and bean bags aside, here are 8 things you should physically test when visiting a coworking space: 

1. Chairs and Tables

Let’s face it – you’re working intensely on your business. You’re most likely spending at least eight hours a day at work. If there’s one factor that you can improve – it’s having a good work desk and chair setup. Being stuck in a bad chair for too long can increase the risk of heart diseases and develop back pains. Having an ergonomic setup is an investment in your health, comfort and of course productivity.

Does the coworking space provide height-adjustable tables? Are taller tables available if you want to stand up and work after lunch or simply need to have a change of scenery?

When visiting the coworking space, sit on the chairs and see how they feel on your back. Adjust the seats and get comfortable!

2. Lighting

The right level of light at the workplace supports concentration and helps to avoid tiredness. Generally, an increase in illuminance (lux) boosts visual performance and fast visual information processing. When you’re sitting at a desk, do you see reflection, glare and shadows? Is the space able to provide you with extra lighting? Can you bring your own in?

3. Fast-Speed Wifi Connection

Technology has leveled the playing field. Startups and SMEs can compete with the more established corporate offices with reliable internet connection. Your business needs a strong internet connection, with Wifi capabilities.

A strong internet connection has several benefits.

  • You can get better video conferences.
  • Cheaper phone bills. With VoIP (Voice over IP), you’re able to handle phone calls over the same data lines your computers use. You ditch traditional phone sets. You also avoid asking the phone company to come out to rewire.
  • Increase productivity. With fast wifi, your employees no longer have to wait for sites to load or files to open. The extra minutes saved throughout the day can add over over a month/ a year’s time to boost productivity.
  • Impress clients. Most importantly, when clients visit, they’re going o ask for wifi passwords at the reception desk or during client meetings. A slow wifi or worse “wifi isn’ available to non-members” – is a business risk and disappointment.

Ask for the guest network and open a couple of windows or surf on Facebook for a couple of minutes. If you have the chance to speak to someone in the coworking space, ask how satisfied they are with the wifi connection.

4. Phone Booths

Phone booths are super important for private calls. Whether you are working at the hot desk or private offices at the coworking, you will want to take private calls away from colleagues and other coworking members. And the call has to be just that – private!

If visiting with another colleague, have him/ her go into the phone call and speak as if he/ she is on a call. Muffled sounds are ok. You should not be able to hear or make out the conversation from outside the phone booth or the adjacent phone booth.

5. Meeting Rooms

Meeting rooms are your go-to places in a coworking space to brainstorm with colleagues or impress your clients with your new products and services. They should be comfortable and well-equipped. If you have a chance, go in to check out the meeting room facilities. Think about your use of meeting rooms. Ask how many credits you get for meeting rooms. Is it easy to reserve a meeting room at the coworking space?

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Bonus Points: 

6. Toilets

Toilets are generally a spot that many people will miss and may regret afterward. If your clients, prospects and potential job candidates are in for meetings, you’ll want them to experience clean bathrooms.

Take a peek inside the toilets. Is it kept well?

7. Air-con

This one is especially for businesses working with overseas offices with time zone differences or just a different style of working (some people start late… and end late).

Coworking spaces in office buildings have aircon shut off at 6pm. Most people are generally fine working 1-2 hours after central aircon is turned off. Working past 9pm without aircon in a central aircon building means you will most likely break into a sweat and not be comfortable. If you need aircon after hours, find out how much it costs to turn it on. Good alternatives are places with 24/7 aircon, such as smaller coworking spaces with their own aircon units.

Even if you don’t need 24/7 aircon, you should still pay attention to the aircon in the space — is it too cold? Too hot? These things will make a difference when you are working in the space every day.

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