A photo taken at 2018's Coworking Unconference Asia. A presenter is speaking in front of a crowd next to a giant projector screen with the "CU Asia" logo.

Coworking Unconference Asia 2019: The Biggest Coworking Event in Asia

When it comes to coworking, there’s no event in Asia bigger than the Coworking Unconference (CU Asia). CU Asia is an annual gathering of the region’s top coworking operators, investors, tech folks, workspace futurists, researchers and members.

You might be curious: what is an ‘Unconference’? Unlike the typical conference where the agenda is set weeks or even months in advance, the agenda at CU Asia is spontaneously generated by attendees like Carsten Foertsch of DeskMag, Michelle Yong of Found8 (formerly known as Collision 8), Jaanus Juss of Telliskivi Creative City — and you! (if you choose to attend)

In the last 5 years since the launch of CU Asia, we’ve seen 1000+ participants from over 40 countries around the world come together to discuss and share insights on the world of coworking. Last year’s Coworking Unconference was held in the vibrant city of Penang, Malaysia, and one of the highlights was the presentation of Asia-focused results from the Global Coworking Survey by Carsten Foertsch of DeskMag. In his keynote talk, Foertsch shared that the average coworking space in Asia held 73 members and takes 4.2 months to start up, but 17 months to breakeven.

Check out this video from last year’s event at Penang, Malaysia.

This year, CU Asia will be held at Goa, India, from February 20-24, 2019. What better place to discuss coworking trends than in India, one of the fastest-growing coworking ecosystems in Asia? According to a report by JLL, the amount of space taken up by coworking in India has increased by a whopping 3 times from 2017 to 2018. Now, there are currently over 500 coworking spaces operated by 350 different operators in the country.

This year, our co-founder, Ben Eckblad, will once again participate as a guest speaker at CU Asia. As the largest aggregator of flexible space in Asia, we were naturally drawn to taking part in this landmark event. Join the GorillaSpace Team as we cover the theme, “Growing Up.” Through different panels and workshop sessions, we’ll explore the ways in which the explosive growth of coworking is affecting commercial real estate, what scaling can look like for operators, and the impact of larger players disrupting the market.

The GorillaSpace logo next to the Coworking Unconference Asia 2019 logo with an "X" in between to show the partnership between the two brands.

During this five-day event, the first two days cover the coworking fundamentals: the unique coworking ecosystem in India, and on a more macro level, effective coworking strategies that operators can employ in the Asian market. CU Asia proper begins on the third day, featuring keynote presentations and panels covering topics from the role of coworking in social innovation to the significance of coliving. Closing off the event is the Unconference itself, where attendees are encouraged to breakout into dynamic discussion groups. This is where you get to speak your mind — all topics are on the table!

Whether you are a space operator or an everyday coworking enthusiast, CU Asia is a great opportunity for you to meet like-minded people and learn more about how coworking is making waves in the region. Since we are an official media partner of CU Asia this year, we can also get you 15% off your ticket purchase. All you have to do is use our code — GORILLASPACE-FRIEND — at checkout.

Click here to reserve your spot at the Coworking Unconference Asia 2019 now. We hope to see you there!

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