A play corner in a coworking space, comprised of a ping-pong table and lounge seats.

Hello Simple-Chic!: No-Nonsense, Sleek Office Design

How many times have you walked into an office with ping-pong tables or arcade games and had one of the following thoughts? (1) Wow, this is so cool! It doesn’t look anything like a traditional office, (2) Would I fit in here? I don’t see myself being as cool as the other ping-pong-playing champions, or (3) Can serious, professional work actually get done here? If you’re asking yourselves one of these questions, it’s normal. Although these features are becoming more and more common, several startup office designers today are still opting for a more streamlined, sleek, no-nonsense approach when it comes to startup office fundamentals.

New York-based interior designer Danielle Arps, for example, prides herself on her mission to help young tech companies mature. So, say “bye bye ball pit” and “hello simple-chic!” Arps’ industrial-chic style holds similar to that of an architect, where the style of design, method of construction and emphasis of physical structures are all equally important. Could a ping pong table be used as a sleek and functional table for group meetings, lunch, and communal work?

To achieve the simple-chic signature style, follow the three golden rules for a timeless office design:

1. Less, But Better

Stick to the idea of “less, but better.” This doesn’t mean stripping everything away willy-nilly, but it is important to subtract the “non-essentials” to return it back to a pure, simple state. A great way to go about this is to create multi-purpose features, such as a desk chair that can double as a napping pod. This will help to declutter while keeping the necessities. (Yes, a napping pod is most definitely a necessity.) Another way to follow this idea is to maximize each material choice. Perhaps the standard ceiling or wall material could be replaced by something that helps the room’s acoustics as well! A sleek office design is judicious when it comes to elements and features.

2. Functionality

Functionality should be at the forefront of your office design. Choose the components of your office with one thought in mind: Is this going to maximize productivity? Of course, you do have to consider the aesthetics of each item and how it will fit into your sleek office design, but most importantly is remembering that the primary purpose of each feature is to work and work well.

3. Keep It Neutral

When it comes to colors, go neutral. Not only does this promote a more soothing and natural feel, but it also will make your life significantly easier in the future when you need to pick out more components that will match with your current ‘look.’ Also, when your office is neutral, you can have way more fun integrating a pop of color!

The less-is-more movement is promoting a professional workspace to create quality work and products, while providing a comfortable environment to mingle, network, work hard, and have space for fun play.

In Singapore, we have plenty of workspaces on GorillaSpace that share in this sleek office design idea. The Work Project, The Working Capitol, and The Co are just a few noteworthy examples.

What are your thoughts on this new, simple trend? We’d love to hear! Please let us know in the comments below.

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