All The Essential Services In A Serviced Office Space

The “service” in “serviced office” is there for a good reason. As a tenant in a serviced office space, you get access to a number of shared amenities and services that you won’t find right away in a traditional, long-term office. At the same time, these services can vary from office to office, and you might not be aware of all your different options. If you are considering a serviced office, this article will help you find the perfect space based on what services your business requires.

Before we cover the different services, let’s recap what a serviced office is all about. Unlike a traditional long-term office, a serviced office offers flexible lease terms and houses tenants employed by different organisations. For this reason, serviced offices are segmented into individual offices or floors. What brings it all together are shared services and amenities run by a facility management company. For a detailed overview of serviced offices, check out this handy guide to serviced offices. Here’s a breakdown of the most common services you can expect to find:

Reception/ Concierge Services

When inviting guests to your office, it’s important to come across as professional every step of the way. Serviced offices are usually equipped with a reception desk shared by all the businesses working in that office, along with a waiting lounge for receiving visitors. If you are a business who meets clients and partners often, having a well-staffed reception is not only convenient, but also helps leave a good impression the moment your guests step into the office.

Shared Facilities

Besides the pantry (which is free for use), all shared facilities in a serviced office follow a pay-per-use model. This system differs from a traditional private office, in which all facilities you choose to include are paid for at a flat rate, regardless of how much you use them. In a serviced office, this pay-per-use system saves costs and reduces set-up time. Need a meeting room for a board meeting? Pay only for the hour or two that you use for the board meeting. There’s no need to pay for the full day. And unlike a long-term office, you’re not building out a meeting room that you may use for only 10% of the time.

Global and Regional Access

Serviced offices with multiple branches around the world offer your business an opportunity to cut costs and have access to a regional or global network. Oftentimes, you have complimentary access to the amenities and facilities of a serviced office across town or in another country, run by the same regional operator. In other words, you can seamlessly get connected even when on business trips abroad!  Additionally, you will often be able to make use of your service operator’s international networks. If such networking opportunities are important for your business, do look out for serviced offices that are part of regional or global chains.

Furnishing and Maintenance Services

Purchasing and setting up your own furniture can be frustrating and time-consuming. Equally tough is repairing furniture or getting rid of them during office moves.  

Fortunately, serviced offices do all the furnishing for you. Many serviced offices provide ergonomic furniture, telephone sets, potted plants, decorations or office supply as you need them. The serviced office team ensures your transition to your new workspace is seamless. Over the long haul, when you encounter problems with the furniture or equipment, you can approach the serviced office staff to get them fixed or replaced.

IT and Tech Support

Most serviced offices have an in-house IT support team, who will help with any technical issues you encounter at any time. These IT help centers are often centralised and fully proficient in dealing with IT difficulties whether it is problems connecting the printer, scanning an important document, or dealing with private servers. In most cases, the WiFi connection has already been set up and connected to the printing system for easy access.


Serviced offices are almost always equipped with state-of-the-art security. Many companies are located within their premises, including law firms, accounting firms or audit rooms that often handle sensitive documentation. With strong security in these buildings, tenants can trust that their data will be kept strictly private and confidential.

Tenants often require electronic key passes to access rooms and facilities, and private servers are installed to prevent confidential information from leaking out. Of course, CCTV cameras are stationed throughout the building to capture any suspicious activity.

24-7 Access to the Serviced Office

Depending on your business requirements, you might see yourself working in the wee hours of the night or even on weekends. To accommodate a spontaneous schedule, serviced offices enable 24/7 access to your workspace with badged access or fingerprint identification. 24-7 access  is crucial during busy periods and for businesses that deal with flexible working hours.

Clerical Support

Serviced offices can also come with staff onboard to help out with routine documentation and administrative tasks, giving you time to focus on more pressing business matters. These clerical tasks could include receiving guests in the lobby or even preparing sales packets and documents. Regardless of what you need, clerical services can go a long way in helping your business save on time.

Mailing Address and Services

For some businesses, having a prominent, recognisable address is a big business advantage, lending credibility to the type of products and services they offer.  Serviced offices are mostly located in prominent buildings in the central business districts of major cities. As such, these offices are not only convenient to access, but also add much-needed name recognition and credibility to their tenants’ profiles.

When receiving mail, having such an address can help project a strong brand image. Some serviced offices only receive mail, while others are even able to open and scan the mail to you, especially if you are not currently in the country. For outgoing mail, some serviced office centers can also prepare, pack, and send out any shipments and parcels on your behalf.

Housekeeping and Cleaning

In all serviced offices, in-house cleaning teams regularly clean common areas and clear out trash everyday. Additionally, they may also  keep your own workspaces tidy on a daily or weekly basis. Studies have found that a clean, decluttered workplace can help reduce stress and improve productivity.

Catering Services

Of course, food and drinks are an essential part of office socials and meetings. To save you the time, some serviced offices provide tailored catering that includes anything from stocking up the office fridge to scheduling lunch deliveries in advance.

Coworking (some serviced offices)

Serviced offices are often compared to coworking spaces, since they both fall under the category of “flexible space.” It comes as no surprise that recently, there has been a rising trend of serviced offices drawing inspiration from the coworking concept. In most coworking spaces, there are large open areas for businesses and freelancers to collaborate and trade insights. In light of this, some offices now feature open-plan working areas for businesses who enjoy the quiet environment of a serviced office, but at the same time, do not want to stay within an secluded private space.

Final Thoughts

Serviced offices can be understood as a ‘middle ground’ between the spontaneous, open-ended ecosystem of coworking and the private company culture of long-term offices. The biggest advantage of a serviced office is that it brings the benefits of both flexibility and stability. As a tenant in a serviced office, you have access to most, if not all of the essential services that your business needs. By now, you should understand the various services you get when you sign up for a serviced office. With this knowledge, you can make a more informed decision on 1) whether a serviced office is right for you and 2) which factors to consider when searching among your options.

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