The GorillaSpace Culture

Our mission

To make it easy for all companies to find the perfect work spaces at every stage of their business growth.

Our founders

Ben and Ginny first met at college twenty years ago, when they were both studying at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.

Over a 20-year career in commercial real estate transactions spanning 4 continents, Ben has brought the best technologies and practices to help his clients with space requirements big and small make better real estate decisions.

Ginny is passionate about building products and creating new businesses. Putting her MBA skills to good use, she has successfully launched products and rolled out programs globally for a large FinTech company. She is adept in building teams from scratch and growing people.

Table talk at dinner somehow or other, will revolve around tech - how to make things work better for everyone. Stuck in traffic one fateful day and after much brainstorming, it was clear to both they'd achieved a lot individually. And working together, they could make something really unique and special.

Together, they created GorillaSpace. They are just getting started.

Our story - what's with the gorilla?

We think we see things as they actually are, but actually we are missing out a lot. This is especially true when we look for work space. We think we only want a particular type of space. But we miss out all the available options that could solve our needs.

GorillaSpace is the platform that shows all available options. We also provide tools and resources to help make better decisions.

Our values

Our values are our touchstone guiding us at every step and in every decision we make for GorillaSpace and in our personal lives. Our values link us together in the way that we work with one another. They keep us aligned as we strive towards connected goals.


Make the biggest positive impact. Make work fun again! Give back to our communities.


Do things well. We do what we say, and say what we do.


Build the best product possible- robust and scalable with global reach. Move fast. Iterate faster. Build to last.


Work with a sense of independence. Act like an entrepreneur, with a learning and growth mindset.


Cultivate empathy for self and others. Embrace the other person's perspective. Be kind - always!