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Flexible offices are short-term and cost-effective office spaces: namely, coworking space, serviced offices, and fitted offices. They have flexible lease duration of less than 24 months or renewable
monthly that accommodate every type of business, of all sizes.

Coworking Space

Coworking office is a blend of hot desks, fixed desks and private offices. Coworking spaces in Hong Kong offer services to tenants as a business centre. You have the choice of lease flexibility from 1 month to 24 months. Coworking comes with many benefits such as a move-in ready condition with office equipment and amenities readily available.

Coworking in Hong Kong represents modern working life that is flexible and mobile. Startups, SMEs and larger corporations like coworking spaces that accommodate the needs of a professional working office. Some cater to the creative industry, some are more focused on tech companies while others are all-rounders. Coworking offices are a preferred alternative to the commercial real estate in Hong Kong, where rent is expensive.

Serviced Office

A serviced office is an office that’s all set up and ready to use from the time you move in. The services office manages the day-today running of the office which includes all utilities, cleaning and technical services. You’re able to get started working from day one of your move. Businesses setting up from overseas typically set up their Asia base in Hong Kong in serviced offices.

Serviced offices in Hong Kong offer an all-inclusive rent and also flexible contracts. You are able to rent a serviced office from three to twenty four months. There are a range of private office options available in serviced offices: shared office desks, internal office suites and external office suites with window view.

Fitted Office

Fitted offices are offices that are furnished and fitted out by a previous tenant. More established businesses snap fitted office suites in Hong Kong readily. As the office vacancy rate is historically low, fitted offices that are furnished are in demand. There is little setup cost. You will only need to arrange for your own electricity, internet connection and cleaning services. Fitted offices are more cost effective as you benefit from an office that is furnished and equipped with furniture, meeting rooms that are built out.

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